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Sword of the Sea from Giant Squid Feels Like Journey Meets Abzû

Sword of the Sea

The PlayStation Showcase has come and gone. And it’s fair to say reactions to it were a mixed bag. However, there were some definite bright spots. One of these highlights was the new game from Giant Squid: Entitled Sword of the Sea, the title gives off vibes of Journey mixed with Abzû.

Here is the announcement trailer:

See what I mean? Dolphins near the sand? It’s totally a mix of the games I mentioned.

PlayStation.Blog has more details on the project. The title takes place in an abandoned world where the player uses a Hoversword to traverse the landscape. It is a snowboard, skateboard, and hoverboard all in one. I definitely was reminded of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater at points during the trailer.

You control the Wraith, a being resurrected in a desolate world and tasked with restoring life to it. Expect to explore submerged ruins and the varied cultures within as you bring giant shoals of fish and creatures back in the process. There will be rich and immersive architecture, color, lighting, and music.

As of this writing, Sword of the Sea is only confirmed for PlayStation 5, with no release date given. Hopefully, we will get more details soon on this meditative adventure.

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