Electronic Arts has nailed down the launch date for the upcoming remake of Syndicate.

The Syndicate remake coming from Starbreeze has actually been in the works for a few years now. Rumors of the do-over first surfaced in late 2008, although nobody suspected at the time that the real-time strategy Bullfrog classic would make a comeback as a shooter. But that’s what it is, for better or worse – a determination that gamers will very soon be able to make for themselves.

EA revealed at a press event in Las Vegas yesterday that Syndicate is scheduled for release in North America on February 21, 2012, while Europeans will get their hands on it on February 24. An EA rep later confirmed those dates with Gamasutra, although the company did not say whether the PC version would be out on the same day or would follow the console releases at some future date.

The new Syndicate will be a “visceral FPS experience” and while that’s the sort of generic, made-for-press-releases description that could apply to just about any shooter released over the past decade or so, Starbreeze isn’t shy about defending its decision to change the game so dramatically. As designer Rickard Johnson put it, “I don’t want to stop people playing the old games, but time has moved on.”

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