Taiwanese Hotel Builds Sexy Batcave


The hotel is catering to a very specific kind of Batman fantasy.

Batman isn’t known for his womanizing, but that hasn’t stopped the Eden Hotel in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan from building a Batcave-style love-nest for people wanting to while away a few amorous bat-hours.

Pretty much everything in the room is Batman-themed, from the plush headboard on the bed, to the surround behind the TV, to the etchings on the mirrors, to the picture from Batman Begins on the ceiling. There’s even a chair, designed to look like the Tumbler Batmobile from the Christian Bale Batman movies.

The room costs 1400 Yuan for a three-hour stay, which works out at just under fifty bucks. You can also rent the room for twelve hours, or just for two, depending on your budget and itinerary. As long as you don’t mind seeing bat symbols on almost every surface, it’s actually quite a nice room. It’s hard to believe that it’s had the official thumbs up from DC Comics and Warner Bros. however, so it might not be around for very much longer.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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