A U.K. man’s photos and videos of Las Vegas and the Mojave desert provide a fun and fascinating look at the differences and many similarities between real life and the virtual world of Fallout: New Vegas.

Chris Worth of the U.K. recently spent $3000 and the better part of a week touring and taking photos of the Mojave Desert, not because he has some deep-rooted affinity for barren landscapes [although he does describe the American west as one of his favorite places on Earth] but because of his affection for the “brilliant” post-nuclear RPG Fallout: New Vegas. He wanted to see how the real-world versions of various New Vegas locales compared to those in the game, and while he acknowledged that it was a “fundamentally silly thing to do,” he noted that life itself is fundamentally silly too, so we might as well roll with it.

And roll with it he did, tracking down 34 separate New Vegas hotspots in the real world. Many of them, like Goodsprings, Primm and The Devil’s Throat, exist in our reality, while others, like Novac, are entirely fictional creations meant to “inspire the spirit of the Mojave Wasteland.”
Interestingly, Worth said he doesn’t actually consider himself a gamer and claimed that New Vegas had been his first RPG since the 80s. “After years of not having even a TV, I bought an Xbox – along with a stack of other gear – when I moved back to London recently after some time away doing an MBA,” he told News.com.au. “I’d played the usual stack of Xbox titles – Halo, Forza, Mass Effect – and enjoyed them, but New Vegas was the first that really grabbed me and didn’t let go.”

Worth’s photo-comparisons are a lot of fun and a real testament to the authenticity of Obsidian’s work. It’s also a sign, I think, that no matter what he says, Worth really is a gamer at heart. What we’ve got here are just a few highlights from his collection, so be sure to check out the whole thing [it really is quite impressive] at FalloutNewVegasTour.com.

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