Take The Escapist March Mayhem Quiz!


Celebrate our annual developer showdown with this extra-long quiz!

March Mayhem is in full swing. Have you filled out your bracket? Are you voting your favorites on to victory? If not, you should be – there are badges and bragging rights on the line!

While you’re waiting for the next round to begin, you can take our quiz, which pulls developers from all four divisions. Because we don’t play favorites here, we’ve represented each conference equally, which means you, dear quiz-taker, get an extra long, 12-question quiz. Because we love you.

As always, you can take as long as you like on the quiz, and even take it as much as you need to get that 100%, but remember your cumulative time will affect your position on the leaderboards.

And yes, there’s a Turbine question.

Ready? GO! (Take the quiz.)

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