Take Two Offers Release Date For WWE 2K14

WWE 2013 - Undertaker vs HHH

Take Two Interactive now holds the WWE license, and its first release arrives this October.

For years the only way to get your officially-licensed wrestling game fix was to go through THQ. The company’s WWE franchise was perennially solid, yet never quite achieved phenomenal status. Then THQ fell into dire financial straits and was forced to sell off almost everything it owned. As a result, Take Two Interactive is now the company to see for official games based on Vince McMahon’s homoerotic, steroid-fueled empire, and the publisher’s first effort in this vein will hit shelves on October 29.

Officially dubbed WWE 2K14 (presumably in an effort to bring the franchise in line with Take Two’s other sports series), the game will be developed by Japanese studio Yuke’s, the same people responsible for all of THQ’s releases (as well as almost every officially-licensed wrestling game of note since the Nintendo 64 era). As a result, fans of THQ’s efforts should expect WWE 2K14 to be largely similar to its predecessors. We expect a few evolutionary changes (and hopefully improved aesthetics), but nothing too revolutionary, as that’s simply not the Yuke’s style.

As for how you’ll enjoy the game, you’re going to have lots of options. According to Take Two’s announcement, the company plans to publish WWE 2K14 “across all major platforms and distribution channels.” So, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, iOS, Dyson Cyclone vacuum cleaners, etcetera.

Now that Take Two has established an official release date, expect to hear more details on WWE 2K14 in the near future. That’s just how these things work out. First a simple piece of info falls from the publisher’s mouth, then the dam bursts and everything comes rushing out like so many ill-conceived pick up lines at a poorly lit wedding reception.

Source: Take Two

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