Take Your iPhone For a Spin With the iPhone Steering Wheel


From the gooey sludge of ill-conceived and potentially dangerous gaming accessories comes one that’s actually not a bad idea: A steering wheel for the iPhone.

We’ve seen some interesting add-ons for game controllers here at The Escapist. It’s amazing how quickly something as harmless as a Wii Remote can be turned into a dangerous weapon with the simple addition of some weight and shaped plastic. But every once in awhile somebody manages to turn that basic design philosophy into something that doesn’t suck. Case in point: The iPhone Steering Wheel.

Brought to you by CTA Digital, the same people who came up with the Wii Bowling Ball, this is a simpler and much safer idea: Take a small plastic steering wheel, carve out a place to stick an iPhone or iPod Touch, then attach it to a mount with a suction-cup base. Voila! You’re driving! The device comes with four adapter clips that hold all models of iPhone and iPod Touch securely in place. No other hardware is required, because all the actual steering functions are handled by the accelerometer built into the device itself.

It does have a bit of an impact on the portability of the device – you’re not going to be able to carry this thing in your pocket next to your iPod unless you happen to be a fan of Hammer pants – but with a respectable selection of motion-controlled driving games available for the device, it’s not a bad choice for aficionados. And one other big plus: You’re not very likely to end up accidentally throwing it through your television.

Source: Kotaku

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