Team Fortress 2: The Tabletop RPG


Feel like playing Team Fortress 2 but don’t have the Internet – and do have a set of pen-and-paper dice lying around? A pair of enterprising (and bored) fans have created a tabletop ruleset for Valve’s multiplayer FPS.

What would you do if you were stuck at a grandparents’ house and suddenly got a hankering to play a few rounds on Goldrush … but to your dismay, found that your dear old Granny didn’t own a TV, let alone a PC capable of running the game? Would you cry? Would you sulk? Would you go amuse yourself outside like generations of youth before you?

Or would you do something productive with your time, like adapting the game to a pen-and-paper ruleset?

That was the dilemma facing Steam user [TPG] Wade Wilson and his brother, he told Kotaku. “So, we decided to use our imaginations for once … to kinda go with the flow and create our own Team Fortress 2 RPG – Dungeons and Dragons style.”

The game itself is still unfinished, of course – the creators haven’t quite finished with the complete basic ruleset, let alone published guidelines for actually playing the thing. How the hell would you turn, say, a game of 2Fort into a turn-based RPG?

Well, unless you’re playing as a Sniper: “You duck behind the wall. You aim at the other Sniper. Roll – you miss. He takes aim at you. Roll – he misses. You duck behind the wall…”

(An alternate headline would, of course, have been “TF2 D20 PnP RPG FTW.”)

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