Team Fortress Comics 2 Unhappy Returns

The team continues where Part One left off – on the way to rescue Spy and Scout in Team Fortress Comics #2, “Unhappy Returns.”

The first issue of Team Fortress Comics came out back when it was still a bit warm. Yesterday the Team Fortress 2 team revealed on the Team Fortress blog that Team Fortress Comics #2, titled “Unhappy Returns,” is available.

In the first issue, the legendary Saxton Hale loses control of Mann Co. After being fired, the team is getting back together thanks to Miss Pauling. “Unhappy Returns” picks up where the first left off. Now that Demo, Soldier, and Pyro are together, the team heads to Teufort to rescue Spy and Scout from the hangman’s noose.

Team Fortress Comics will be a six-part series. New issues were planned to release every two months, and the Team Fortress 2 team wrote that it’s in the middle of “trying to settle a longstanding debate as to what ‘bimonthly’ actually means… Others maintain even trying to define it would ruin the enchanting mystery of reading.” Regardless, it’s available to read now. Reading is so impressive that characters within the comic gasp at libraries.

Unless the Team Fortress 2 team debates on what “tri-monthly” means next, the third issue should be available in about three months as the snow melts away.

Like last time, you can view the comic in your browser, download it as a PDF, or download it as a CBR.

Source: Team Fortress blog

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