Teen Kills Own Grandmother After Scolding – Update


Editor’s Note: The original headline for this story – “Teen Kills Own Grandmother for Interrupting Dota Match” was misleading, and we at The Escapist apologize for the error. The headline was seemingly based on the source article’s headline, which appears to be entirely inaccurate. Please accept our apologies for any confusion or frustration this may have caused. We do not want to be the type of media responsible for demonizing video games, and this was clearly counter to that goal.

A 17-year old boy beats his own grandma to death for scolding him after a match of Dota in Manila, Philippines.

In Manila, Philippines, a 17-year unnamed boy has beaten his own grandmother to death for scolding him and interrupting a game of Dota. According to Police Officer 3 Jaime de Jesus, the 68-year old woman died on the scene due to wounds in the head, neck, and chest, and even had defensive wounds on her arms. The assailant said he was playing a game of Dota at a computer shop in the neighborhood, when his grandmother came to pick him up at 6 p.m. Once they reached home, the boy said his grandma started scolding him and this was when the attack happened.

De Jesus adds that the boy claims doesn’t remember what happened and that he “blacked out.” Next thing the boy knew, he was already cleaning the evidence of the wrongdoing he committed in their house in Barangay Batasan Hills, Quezon City. The boy went to his aunt’s house at 10 p.m. to tell her of the incident and once they went back to the crime scene, the aunt sought assistance from village officials and police officers. De Jesus, along with the other authorities, said that the washbasin used to clean the house up was found next to the grandmother’s body, as well as finding bloodstained ceramic shards of what seems to be a smashed vase in a garbage bin in the house’s front yard.

The boy came from a broken home, with both his parents already having families of their own. The victim, whom raised the boy herself, was living alone with the 17-year old. Since the boy is still a minor, he’s been turned over to the custody of the country’s social workers.

I don’t think this story of a 16-year stabbing his “friend” to death over a Dota account hacking incident could be topped, but there you go. Killing your own grandma whom raised you herself over a game? That’s just a new level of low.

Source: ABS-CBN

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