You’ll all rue the day you laughed at me! Rue the day! Mwahahahaha!

Any super villain worth his or her salt has a death ray sitting in the weapon vaults, just in case. It’s a rule of the universe. Here in the U.S., a teen named Eric Jacqmain managed to make just such a device in his back yard.

Jacqmain assembled his “Solar Death Ray” by mounting 5,800 3/8-inch mirrors onto a fiberglass satellite dish. He then mounted the thing onto a wagon chassis, which allows him to properly align the mirrors with the sun.

When properly aligned, the mirrors give the creation the ability to “generate a spot the size of a dime with an intensity of 5000 suns! This amount of power is more than enough to melt steel, vaporize aluminum, boil concrete, turn dirt into lava, and obliterate any organic material in an instant.”

These claims may sound extreme, but the demonstration video shows just how powerful this low-tech death ray is. When Jacqmain finally decides to make a bid for world domination, I’ll be the first person in line to sign up for his Soulless Legion of Evil (hopefully I’ll get a toaster as a signing bonus).

Source: Geek

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