Or answer the survey and tell Gearbox not to change a thing about DNF.

It may not be news to you anymore that a lot of people didn’t care for Gearbox’s revival of Duke Nukem Forever. Almost universally panned by the critics, most of the world’s gamers would probably argue that Gearbox head Randy Pitchford should have left the franchise to rot when it was abandoned by 3D Realms after 15 years of development. Even those involved with marketing the game were taken down a notch by simple association – and some silly Tweets. The attitude from those who made the game so far has been incredulity at the awful reception. The critics have spoken, but now you have a chance to directly tell Gearbox what you didn’t like about Duke Nukem Forever. is currently running a survey. The opening message states the following:

This is a survey for Duke Nukem Forever. Gearbox prides itself in listening to the community, and this is your chance to tell us how you feel about Duke Nukem Forever. You may participate in this survey if you have played or have not played Duke Nukem Forever. Please answer the following questions.

I’m not sure why the survey doesn’t seem to care whether you played the game or not – unless Gearbox is really just assessing the brand at this point. With such widespread disdain for the Duke, I wouldn’t be surprised if this survey is a test to see if a sequel is still viable. A game designed from the ground up by the people behind Borderlands or Counter Strike might be good, but the Duke Nukem brand may be damaged beyond repair.

Head over to the Gearbox site and tell them what you think. Keep in mind that the survey will likely only be up for a short time so if you have something to say, you better get on with it.

Also, if you participate in the survey, not only will your responses be read by real live interns at Gearbox, but you’ll also be entered into a drawing to win some Duke Nukem swag. So you’ve got that going for you.

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