The studio behind Sam & Max wants to bring you more drama, politics, and zombies.

With the first two episodes of its series of zombie-based point-and-click adventure games behind it, TellTale Games is already looking ahead – way ahead. Today the studio confirmed that it is planning a second season of The Walking Dead for an unspecified time after the release of the current season’s final episode. Senior Vice President of Marketing Steve Allison told Polygon, “this will not be the last The Walking Dead game series that we do.”

Allison also pointed to the series’ commercial success, stating, “our first episodic game series based on The Walking Dead has sold nearly 1.7 million episodes to consumers in just our first 8 weeks with no signs of slowing down.” Indeed, the first two episodes of the season rated highly with our own Susan Arendt, who is waiting impatiently for the third episode. That installment is due in August, with the remaining two episodes currently having no release date.

If you can manage to wait for the whole first season to come out, you’ll be able to pick up the full set in disc form from North American retail stores, a fact TellTale Games also revealed today. If you’ve already subscribed to the digital season but want the season on disc too, don’t worry – the studio usually makes a collector’s edition available to season subscribers for free.

Source: Polygon

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