Telltale’s Batman Game Will Finally Update The Telltale Engine


Telltale’s upcoming take on Batman will bring with it a vastly improved engine.

While we are all big fans of Telltale Games here at The Escapist, our biggest complaint has to be that the “Telltale Engine” hasn’t really changed all that much since the early days of Sam and Max. Thankfully, that is set to change with the studio’s upcoming Batman game. In a presentation at SXSW convention, Telltale revealed that the engine will be “Very upgraded” from past Telltale games.

It continued to say that it would be a “More significant step up from past games on a technical/creative level than previous TTG games,” and that lots of “new” TTG stuff would premier in Batman.

As for the game itself, unlike a lot of other Batman games, Telltale Batman would focus a bit more on Batman’s alter ego: Bruce Wayne. Telltale says the game will be about half and half Bruce and Batman, with some scenes actually allowing you to choose if you want to play them as Bruce or Batman.

As for the game’s visual style, Telltale told us to expect something a lot more comic-y than photorealistic – think The Wolf Among Us.

Source: Telltale Games

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