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Pokémon-inspired PC game Temtem is making its console debut on PlayStation 5 this year. As announced on the PlayStation.Blog, Humble Games and Crema’s MMO arrives as an early access game on Sony’s next-gen console on Dec. 8, where players will be able to capture every Tem, challenge others, customize a house, and join friends on a co-op journey. You can see the reveal trailer below.

In Temtem early access on PlayStation 5, players will have access to four of the game’s six total islands at first. The 30-hour, always-online journey features more than 100 unique creatures to discover, capture, and battle as you come across other players in the in-game world. The further along the game gets into its early access period, Crema will add in story content, Tems, multiplayer content, and activities.

If you preorder Temtem, you can get a minuscule $2.50 discount on either the standard or deluxe version, which otherwise will currently retail for $39.99 and $59.99 respectively. Crema encourages those interested to buy into Temtem’s early access period sooner rather than later, as the game’s price will increase as development on the pre-release version progresses.

Temtem was originally revealed to bring its MMO gameplay to PlayStation 5 earlier this year during a State of Play presentation. The game is also currently planned to launch on Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2021.

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