Terraria Invades Edge of Space in Cross-Over Update


Terraria players may recognize some unfriendly faces making their way to fellow 2D action game Edge of Space.

If you like dynamically-generated 2D sandbox action games, you may have heard of a couple of titles called Terraria and Edge of Space. The two games have plenty of similarities – after all, it’s not exactly a wide genre – but their respective developers are breaking down the barriers even further with an upcoming cross-over partnership. Beginning at PAX Prime, the event will see some memorable boss monsters from Terraria invading the sci-fi world of Edge of Space – with a few cybernetic upgrades to boot.

Gamers familiar with Terraria‘s endgame will remember Skeletron, the undead guardian of the game’s main dungeon. Edge of Space players may want to take some notes – the flying skeleton monster will be the first enemy to cross from one game to the other, appearing as the robotic Omegatron.

“We are really excited to have this crossover content and we have some cool stuff planned,” says Edge of Space lead designer Jake Crane. “Terraria has been a great inspiration for those developers creating massive, open worlds that put players in control of their destiny.”

PAX Prime attendees can challenge Omegatron for themselves this weekend. Edge of Space is currently available on Steam Early Access for $11.99, and Terraria just launched an iOS port for $4.99.

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