Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters gives us a look into the obsessive personalities that vied for the Tetris world championship title in 2010.

There’s no disputing the fact that King of Kong, which followed the best Donkey Kong players in the world as they went for the game’s high score, is one of the greatest videogame documentaries ever made. Anyone that enjoyed it might also want to look into this film, Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters, which documented similarly skilled Tetris players leading up to the Classic Tetris World Championships of 2010.

The story doesn’t begin there, however. The documentary reaches all the way back into 1990 at the Nintendo World Championships where Thor Aackerlund won the Tetris crown and, according to this trailer, has become somewhat of a now-unproven legend. Perhaps he’ll be Ecstasy of Order‘s Billy Mitchell, but without that awesome hair.

One of the best parts of King of Kong was definitely getting to see inside the minds of the hardest of the hardcore Donkey Kong players. Their obsessive inner thoughts about the game were, for some reason, engrossing. Ecstasy of Order doesn’t skimp on any of those, with the trailer showing players talking about how Tetris is the “perfect game” and that it’s a “history and evolution.” One player tells us that to train on Tetris, you have to be “always almost dead,” while another says to be successful you have to think 4 or 5 moves ahead in a single second.

If you’ve been wondering what it takes to be truly good at Tetris on a worldwide scale, it looks like this is the movie for you. Ecstasy of Order is currently in post-production and seeking donations here. Hopefully it’ll make it to a final release and we can see if Tetris has a kill screen coming up. If you don’t get that, go watch King of Kong right now.

Source: GameSetWatch.

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