PlayStation 3 owners, get ready to shove together the crispest Tetris blocks you’ve ever seen.

When Alexi Pajitnov created Tetris in the 1980s, I doubt he thought he’d ever get sick of it. Decades of remakes later, I’m sure even Pajitnov throws up a little after a dream full of Tetris blocks. Despite this, the game industry still isn’t done with the classic puzzle franchise, with EA recently announcing details on what it’s calling the best version of Tetris ever for the PlayStation Network.

Tetris on PSN will somewhat excessively play in 1080p and include support for Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound. It might be a game about blocks that fall, but EA is damn sure going to polish those blocks up like jewels and make you think you’re actually in a room with them. I don’t know what “P” Tetris was played in on the Game Boy, but it’s going to look like crap to you now.

Announced for the game so far are six multiplayer modes in addition to standard single player, and even a co-op mode that can be played both online and locally. Co-op Tetris! If you like to demean your friends by dropping blocks, there will be the standard battle and team battle modes, with EA also teasing three PSN-exclusive multiplayer modes not yet revealed that it calls “more fun and competitive than anything you’ve seen before.” Maybe we’ll see a revival of Tetrisphere?

Speculation aside, EA’s PSN version of Tetris does look very faithful to the original game, even in its music. This is good to see, because the music of Tetris is almost as integral as its blocks and secret spaceships. EA says Tetris will be out “early next year” on the PSN, but hasn’t announced a price, so lets all bug the company and make them release it for $3.

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