All videogame trade shows are not created equal. They all have games, of course, and many have booth babes, but Tokyo Game Show has something truly special: an entire hall dedicated to selling gaming merchandise.

It’s here that you can drop a month’s rent on plush Nintendo characters, resin statues of Final Fantasy heroes, dozens of game soundtracks, cosplay components, art books, jewelry, and more. To enter the merchandise hall is to stare straight into the face of temptation and say, “Yeah, ok, you win. Give me the DragonQuest figurines. Yes, the entire set.”

Peruse our gallery of merchandise to see if anything strikes your avaricious tendencies. To give the prices some context, 100 yen is currently just about equal to one U.S. dollar.

For the record, I went home with a pair of stuffed Yoshis, a Bee Mario, and K.K. Slider. I was seriously pondering that Red Bulborb from Pikmin, but figured I’d never squeeze it into my carry-on luggage.

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