The Alters announcement trailer 11 bit studios sci-fi not-clone game PC

11 bit studios has shared the announcement trailer for The Alters, one of its upcoming games, at the PC Gaming Show today. The announcement is light on gameplay details, but we do know The Alters is following in the tradition of classic, high-concept sci-fi.

Jan Dolski is the sole survivor of an interplanetary crash landing. To survive, he must generate alternative versions of himself. These other selves aren’t clones, but new creations born from the different paths that Jan’s life might have taken had he made different choices. The game will apparently challenge players to understand how fundamentally a life can change through just a few small nudges.

How that will play out is unclear at this point. Nonetheless, 11 bit’s history of strategy/survival games might provide some indication of what to expect. Specifically, the team behind The Alters is made up mostly of veterans from the acclaimed war-survival game This War of Mine. It’s almost guaranteed to be a deeply philosophical experience. Catch the reveal trailer below.

The Alters has been in development for nearly three years and is being made with Unreal Engine. It’s just one of the projects in the works at 11 bit studios, which unveiled the survival sequel Frostpunk 2 last year and earlier today announced that it will be publishing the narrative-based sci-fi game adaptation The Invincible.


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