The Amnesia horror series has been successful on PC, and now it’s coming to PS4.

If you’re a PS4-owning horror fan, you’ll soon be able to play one of the most talked about PC horror game series. Over on the PlayStation Blog today, Frictional Games Creative Director Thomas Grip announced that all three games from the Amnesia series will be making their way to PlayStation 4 next month.

Titled Amnesia: Collection, the box will actually include more than just Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It will also pack in the sequel Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (developed by The Chinese Room), as well as the lesser-known Amnesia: Justine. That final title was developed as part of a promotion for Portal 2 that tossed Frictional Games devs in with a bunch of other indie developers, and inspired this shorter installment.

Amnesia: Collection will be available on PS4 as a downloadable title on November 22.

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