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The beginning…..but why are there no dougnuts?


Welcome to the place that you are while reading this column!
(What, I know what you’re thinking, but you’re not actually in this column now are you, hah!)

Anyway, I have to apologise to BnW, I really should have posoted something a lot sooner but I had a very important Test week for School. I’m not sure how it goes at other places, but here in the Netherlands we get 3 “Test weeks” (Dutch: Tentamen) sorted along the school year, followed with the very very important Finals (Dutch: Examen) what count for about 50% of your final Mark.

So much for boring you with my personal life, no worries, I won’t do that sort of stuff in my columns unless it really is very entertaining, but then, what will I be annoying you folk with anyway, here’s a summary.

What I’ll be putting up:
-Game Reviews
-Anime Reviews
-Stories/Fan Ficks (I’ve never done them, bare with me here)
-Final Fantasy stuff I found
-Simple/Basic Japanese lessons (Final Fantasy import, woohoo!!!)
-Stuff I got from Feedback (Give me some idea’s, want something, I’ll look into it)

Well, I don’t know anything else so far, I’m very basic with a lot of stuff here (‘cept the Anime ^_^) and the Japanese Lessons will be going at my own level (which is Basic). Anyway, we’ll see how it’ll turn out.

Now first thing I’m gonna do is an Anime Review and apparently it’s also one of BnW’s favorites:


This a great anime, based off the earlier manga “Naruto” and it’s become one of my personal favorites. In the world of Naruto, ninja’s are very common, or actually, they’re all over the place. It’s a very profitable organization. You’ll also notice that the story is not set in the past, but more like they mixed the modern and old styles together, no guns though, only old weapons or high-tech stuff, which doesn’t matter because you’ll see really cool Ninjutsu (magic? no, some of these things are actually possible) most of the time that beats guns anyway.

It all begins when a monstrous Demon Fox terrorises the country of Konoha, where the ninja’s of Konoha fight the beast with all their strength. Eventually a high level ninja (aka 4th Hokage) sacrifices his life and imprisons the Demon Fox inside a new born baby.
Enter Uzumaki Naruto, a loud, unpredictable, young prankster who trains to become the greatest ninja of Konoha. Naruto has no parents and all the adults hate him because he carries the Demon Fox insde him, even though Naruto himself does not. To overcome with the pain of solitude he tries to stand out, though all he wants is to be acknowledged.

As the story continues you’ll meet with the sweet, kind (yet very rough) Sakura, the handsome, cool, dark Sasuke and the relaxed, cool, mysterious Kakashi, along with a whole bunch of other characters.

The Genre is Comedy/Action, and it’s a very long running anime with already 119 episodes and adding one more every week. If you’re interested you can find a lot of information at:

They even have a Naruto Episode Download Page, though you’ll have to have Bittorrent for the episodes, they have the link to a bittorrent file download at the site.


Well, that’s it for this Column, remember, you can E-mail me with whatever you like to talk about, have idea’s about, want to discuss with me about, want to bother me with, etc. etc.
Mail to me at:

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This is Draco Angelus, still with no doughnuts, scurrying off to a bakery at 1:22 AM (I will have my doughnuts, dammit),…….logging out.

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