Celebrate 10 Years of The Behemoth by grabbing its latest game, BattleBlock Theater, for half off on Xbox Live this weekend.

In 2002, a plucky group of indie programmers released the game Alien Hominid on the Flash game site Newgrounds. One year later, they would form their own company, The Behemoth, to port that title over to consoles.

This weekend, The Behemoth celebrates its tenth anniversary with a sale almost as big as its king-sized chicken mascot – 50 percent off all of their Xbox Live titles, including its latest title, this spring’s BattleBlock Theater.

The Behemoth’s other two titles up for sale are Alien Hominid HD, the rerelease of its original game, and the 2008 old-school brawler hit Castle Crashers. The sale lasts until Sept. 16.

A birthday video on The Behemoth’s website offers a montage of all three games, which all include the goofy art style, fast-paced gameplay and scenes of incontinent animals that fans expect from the studio.

The Behemoth’s website also lists this as the birthday week for art director Dan Paladin, whose signature style can be seen in every game. What better way to wish him a happy birthday than picking up a couple of the games he’s worked so hard to help make?

And seriously, if you haven’t played Castle Crashers yet, make that your weekend. Grab three friends, order a pizza, turn off your phones and just game like it’s 1989 all over again.

Source: The Behemoth

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