Aki and Kon Chainsaw Man statue
Image via Yoyo Studio

The 10 Best Chainsaw Man Collectable Figures

This ultra-violent show has never been captured more perfectly.

Chainsaw Man has had incredible visuals both in its manga and anime so naturally there are some absolutely stunning figures on the market. For fans or collectors who have been looking for something special here are our 10 favorite collectible figures so far.

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Top 10 Chainsaw Man Figures

There are plenty of great Chainsaw Man figures on the market, but many can be expensive. For the sake of showing the best we can find we’ll be including mostly high-end collectibles, some of which are still in their pre-order phase, others may be completely sold out.

Aki Hayakawa by Myethos

Aki Myethos Chainsaw Man
Image via Myethos

Myethos’ Aki figure is one of the more affordable pieces on this list but don’t let that fool you, it’s still amazing. This piece shows Aki sitting on a chair after having taken out a devil. At his feet you can see the body of his victim and its blood covers Aki’s hands and clothes.

Power by Bandai Spirits

Figuarts Zero Power Chainsaw Man
Image via Bandai Spirits

Power is always full of energy and this collectible from Bandai Spirits captures that perfectly with a massive Blood Hammer smash to the ground. There’s nothing better than figures that capture motion and this one does a great job at that. Fortunately, this is also a super affordable item for Chainsaw Man collectors on a budget.

Chainsaw Man Riding Shark Fiend by LC Studio

Chainsaw Man Shark Fiend statue
Image via LC Studio

As we get into the more premium figures, this piece of Chainsaw Man riding the Shark Fiend from LC Studio couldn’t be more epic. The attention to detail when texturing the shark brings it to life, and there’s even a bomb at the base paying homage to the Bomb Devil Arc.

Power by Zaohua Studio

Power Blood Field Statue
Image via Zoahua Studio

Zaohua Studio has made many incredible Chainsaw Man collectibles and one of the best is Power. In this piece, she can be seen in both human and fiend form, and there is even Meowy in the design encapsulating all of Power’s favorite things. If you’re a Power fan then this is a perfect collectible item to feature in your collection, but you might have trouble getting your hands on one.

War Devil, Yoru and Asa by Zaohua Studio

Yoru the War Devil
Image via Zoahua Studio

The War Devil is someone that only current manga fans will be familiar with but still, since she is such a big figure in the future of the franchise we’ve included her in our list. Especially since this statue is so incredible. You get two options here with the first being Yoru the War Devil wielding her spinal blade or Asa in her underwear. We’ll let you decide which one you prefer.

Himeno by Niren Studio

Himeno Figure Chainsaw Man
Image via Niren Studio

Niren Studio is gearing up to release a new high-end figure for Himeno and it’s shaping up to be one of the best Chainsaw Man collectibles on the market today. This design shows off the Ghost Devil as Himeno reaches out commanding her to attack Katana man. While it hasn’t arrived yet, given Nire Studio’s track record we expect the quality of this will again be exceptional.

Katana Man vs Chainsaw Man by Zoahua Studio

Katana Man Zohua Studio
Image via Zoahua Studio

Zoahua Studio has captured the action in the fight between Katana Man and Chainsaw Man and this statue is brutal. With Chainsaw Man on one side having torn through Chainsaw Man, you can see the details gritty details as the blades do their damage. One thing that makes this even cooler is the fact it features Kon, also having been sliced in half.

Makima and Chainsaw Man by Yoyo Studio

Makima and Chainsaw Man Yoyo Studio
Image via Yoyo Studio

Another piece that’s currently available for Pre-Order, Yoyo Studio has crafted the best Maki statue to date showing her in full control of Chainsaw Man. This figure comes with multiple heads, arms, and other ways to adjust the scene, but even in its most basic form, Makima has never looked more dangerous.

Aki and Kon by Niren Studio

Aki and Kon Chainsaw Man statue
Image via Niren Studio

My personal favorite piece on this list, Niren Studio’s pairing of Aki and Kon is undeniably cool, and thanks to the scale and attention to detail there is no arguing, that this is one of the best Chainsaw Man figures available today. All you need to do is take one look and you can see why.

Denji/Chainsaw Man and Pochita Deluxe by Prime 1 Studio

Denji Chainsaw Man figure DX Bonus Version Prime 1 Studio
Image via Prime 1 Studio

Prim 1 Studio has the best Chainsaw Man collectible on the market right now and as you’d expect it’s also the most expensive. This figure captures the iconic Chainsaw Man pose from the show’s key art, but it also provides multiple head and arm choices for Denji and Chainsaw Man depending on which form you’d prefer to rock. Topping it all off, you’ll also get a bonus Pochita figure to show off with your incredible Chainsaw Man piece.

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