The Bicycle of the Future!


Want something cool and more than a little utopian? How does a solar-powered bike that gets you on the bus for free sound?

I’ll be honest with you, I love concept vehicles and this one is so cool that I thought I’d share. London Garden is a vision for the English Capital that removes cars entirely from the center of the city by 2030.

The concept centers on the semi-electric bicycle that is charged by both solar and pedal power. The charged batteries on the bikes can then be used to power electric buses in exchange for bus fare.

Also included in the design are bike storage stations that also generate electricity, although they look like creepy techno-organic trees. The design is the work of a four person team from the Royal College Art and is the winner of a Seymour Powell award in the Future City Mobility contest.

Some more sketches can be found here.

Source: DVICE

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