The Bureau‘s Launch Trailer Tells You To Survive, Adapt, Win


The red phone won’t be ringing; you’re on your own.

Welcome to The Bureau: XCOM Declassified‘s happy, smiling launch trailer, where everything is wonderful and aliens haven’t invaded at … well, no, that would be a lie. The next war’s already started, and it wasn’t the war anyone was expecting. Castro must be upset to have had his missile crisis upstaged by Sectoids, but he’s probably already been turned into cigars by this point. Survive, adapt and win are your new orders because, if you don’t, we all get to find out what life’s like under alien rule.

The Bureau is 2K’s team-based shooter not-quite follow up to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and – though it had a rocky start – it’s been world-building with a series of fun videos, preparing the way for an alien invasion of its own. Now we get to see a taste of what that invasion might look like, but it won’t be long before the real deal’s in our hands. Will it live up to expectations? Well, if it doesn’t, expect an earth shattering kaboom.

This one’s due for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC August 2013; the 20th in North America, the 23rd in those naughty PAL nations.

Source: Games HQ Media

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