Sony PS4 Air Jordan Sneakers 310x

Ten pairs of the $950 Sony sneaks will be produced by Jonny Barry and FreakerSNEAKS.

Who needs a college or house-buying fund when you can spend $950 on a pair of Sony PlayStation 4-branded kicks?

Dualshockers recently sat down with Jonny Barry, the man behind both the “JRDN X PS4” sneakers, and the company FreakerSNEAKS. The inspiration for the shoes is simple: Barry is a self-identified Sony loyalist, and he decided to design the shoes after picking up a PS4 on launch day in 2013.

The custom sneakers are based on the Air Jordan 4, which originally debuted in 1989. The mods to the sneaker start rather innocuously, including PS4 branding in place of the Air Jordan logo, and the Playroom robots adorning the front of the tongue. The craziest mod is the HDMI port, without a doubt, which is fitted into the heel of the shoe. The port is only for show, but I suppose you could connect the sneakers with an HDMI cable, which could help with displaying the pair near your home theater or console corner.

As for pricing, only Oprah Rich PS4 fanboys/fangirls need apply — ten pairs of the sneakers will be produced, with an estimated cost of $950 per pair.

Source, Image Credit: Dualshockers

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