The Demo Man is the hero that Gotham didn’t know it needed, until now.

A Russian film maker, known as “One More User,” has created a new trailer for the ultra-successful Batman movie, The Dark Knight, adding a few familiar faces and some splashes of color to the proceedings.

Specifically two colors – red and blue – which appear on the the uniforms of the Team Fortress 2 models he’s replaced most of the actors with.

In “The Demo Knight,” the violent and insane Spy threatens “GoTTam City,” and only the Demo Knight can stop him. That’s a pretty heavy burden on its own, but the Demo Knight also has to contend with the fact that the love of his life, played by the “Scout’s Mom,” has fallen for another man, played by the Soldier. Also popping up is the Medic, as Demo Man’s trusty butler, Alfred, along with cameos from the Pyro and the Heavy.

The audio on the video is rather low, but if you’ve seen The Dark Knight, you probably know what everyone is saying anyway. Besides, it’s the visuals that are the main event here, as One More User has managed to blend the models with the movie almost seamlessly.

You can watch more of One More User’s work on his YouTube page – although there isn’t all that much there right now – and you can download a higher quality version of The Demo Knight here.

Source: Kotaku

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