The Darkness Sequel Coming with New Developer


Comics company Top Cow announced that a sequel to their 2007 game based on The Darkness is currently in development, though it’s apparently not being handled by original developer Starbreeze.

Starbreeze’s 2007 videogame adaptation of Top Cow’s comic book The Darkness took some gamers by surprise when it was released to quite a bit of success. Now there’s some good news and bad news out of Comic-Con on the Darkness videogame front: there is a sequel in the works at the moment, but it isn’t being developed by Starbreeze.

Series creator and Top Cow founder Marc Silvestri confirmed the game is in the works at the moment at a Comic-Con panel last week. Silvestri seems to been pretty mum on info, aside from revealing than confirming that veteran comics scribe Paul Jenkins would be working on the script. Jenkins has a few years of scripting duties on the Darkness comic, so fans should be happy to hear he’s on the project.

What they potentially might be upset with is that the studio responsible for the first game’s success, Starbreeze, won’t be handling development on the game. “I heard that there were talks about a Darkness sequel, but Starbreeze is not involved in anything like that right now. We are busy on two projects together with EA,” studio CEO Johan Kristiansson told VG247.

Silvestri also revealed that the PS3 and 360 versions of The Darkness have reached platinum sales status, and will be soon repriced at $29.99.

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