The Division 2 Screenshot Season 11

The Division 2 Season 11: Reign of Fire is on ice for what is surely one of the strangest reasons we’ve ever seen. The original plan was to release the new content on February 7. However, the team announced late last week it would miss that target because of a “series of delays in [the] localization process.”

After a week of silence, the team followed that with today’s news of a catastrophic error that broke the build generation system. The error was discovered last weekend in the process of fixing the earlier issue.

It means the team is “unable to make server or client side updates” until the system is fixed. As such, the usual stopgap measure of extending previous season content to cover the delay is impossible.

Work is ongoing to correct the issue, with the team’s statement noting “good progress” over the last four days, including the successful restoration of “critical aspects of the system.” Nonetheless, there’s still no timeframe for when functionality will be restored and, therefore, no update on the release timing for Season 11 of The Division 2 as yet.

To make it up to players, “in-game compensation” will be available, with the form that will take yet to be announced.

It’s a developing situation, and the team plans to keep fans abreast of the situation with another update later today.

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