The Escapist Announces Issues for Q4 2008


Wait no longer! The Escapist has announced it’s editorial calendar covering Q4 2008, October through December, Issues 170 – 182.

Included in this quarter’s calendar are such exciting topics as “Dungeons & Dollars,” revisiting the topic of money in virtual worlds; “Rub, Wiggle and Blow,” covering handheld and touch games; “The Terabyte Tenderloin,” a look at the back alleys and dimly-lit hallways of the online world; and “Guns, Cars ‘n’ Tits,” the article that speaks for itself.

As always, The Escapist maintains an open submission policy. Ever wanted to write for us? Here’s your chance. For details on how to submit an article to The Escapist, our complete style guidelines and a copy of our editorial calendar, please visit our submissions page.

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