The Escapist Forum Roundtable


Join The Escapist staff in the forums for a roundtable discussion! We noticed there were plenty of interesting conversations occurring in The Escapist offices at any given time. So we figured that, instead of letting them vanish into the aether, we’d bring one of them to the forums and let all of you join in.

Each Wednesday we’ll be posting a new question here. Then, from Wednesday through Friday, staff will be dropping in and out of the thread to post their own responses and reply to yours. From there, feel free to keep the discussion going until next Wednesday when a new topic goes up. We may even respond over the weekend if the Street Fighter IV lag is particularly bad.

Consider this your chance to join us in some lively debating and hopefully good times. We can’t wait to discuss.

This week’s question is: What is your most significant gaming accomplishment and why?

Again, make sure to post your answer here.

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