The Escapist’s Team Fortress 2 Tournament – Winners Announced!


It was a hard fought battle with 64 teams and a competition spanning multiple weeks in The Escapist’s first ever Team Fortress 2 Tournament. But we finally have our champions and the lucky, or maybe we should say skilled, winners of the Razer Prize Packs!

Congrats to first place winners, Underscore, played by Cyzer, Labhoix, Saber07, Scripted,Destro-! Each team member will be receiving a Razer Prize Pack that includes: DeathAdder, Lycosa, Carcharias and Goliathus.

But wait, there are three more teams that Razer is hooking up with prizes based on their exceptional play!

In 2nd Place, Flying Spaghetti Monster, played by Alexwut, Justin_, Lopert, Higgins, P0key, who will all be receiving: DeathAdder, Goliathus and Carcharias.

Coming in at 3rd Place, Raged Gaming, with team members Stamjallyfish, Noun, Notor, Whizzlur, Sherrr will also receive a Lycosa.

And rounding it out is 4th Place team Soviet Galactic Union! Zensige, SPav730, Snakemt2, Demonic, Baskototiea will each get their own Goliathus.

We really enjoyed hosting this event. We want to give A HUGE thanks to Razer for all their support and the amazing prize packages provided to the winners.

Keep checking back with The Escapist for more fun events! For the final bracket visit HERE!

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