The Forest Comes Alive in Second Gameplay Trailer


The second trailer for the PC/Oculus Rift horror game The Forest shows off a wooded wonderland alive with birds, butterflies, lizards and horrifying zombie-type things bent on dismembering you with their bare hands.

So your plane crashes in the middle of a great, old forest, perhaps on a remote island, and that’s pretty bad news – but not nearly as bad as it’s going to get. Because you, my friend, had the bad luck to crash into a deep, dark wood occupied by some kind of murderous zombie-type something-or-other, and they’re none too happy about your intrusion.

The new trailer for The Forest looks absolutely gorgeous, but the wheels start to come off the whole “forest paradise” thing around the 30 second mark, and it’s all downhill from there. For all its lush beauty, this is clearly not a happy place.

The indie horror scene has seen an awful lot of action since Amnesia: The Dark Descent inflicted itself upon us a couple years ago and I sometimes worry that we’ve hit the point of saturation. But The Forest’s open-world approach looks fresh and exciting – it’s a huge challenge but if the developers can make it work, it could be a terrible, terrible thing indeed. In a good (awful) way.

The Forest is being developed for the PC and, for gamers who don’t have enough misery in their lives already, will support the Oculus Rift VR headset.

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