Could Team Fortress 2: The RPG be more possible than you think? In an extensive interview with Shacknews, Valve’s Robin Walker explained the future of TF2.

Funny that someone should conceive of Team Fortress 2: The RPG not too long after Valve released an update for the game that added features that some might see as implying that RPG elements aren’t too far off in TF2‘s future. The last TF2 update added two new features: a 50-item inventory for items, and a new head slot in the loadout menu. So, what, are we going to be grinding for new helmets and gear on 2Fort now?

Not quite, according to Valve’s Robin Walker, who spoke with Shacknews about the future of TF2. The new head items will initially only be for looks, Walker said, at least for the time being. “Right now they’re all cosmetic only, but it’s obviously more interesting if they become more than that, so we’re still thinking about that,” he said.

So Valve wants to mix things up a bit, but they’re not going to give TF2 a makeover any time soon. Asked about consumable items and trading items, Walker said that they were all possible. “We plan to do more than just cosmetic items, but we like to go one step at a time to be able to measure the effect of each change, both on the game and on the community,” Walker said.

The main upshot of the last update, Walker explained, is to make it possible eventually for players to unlock items without having to complete achievements, which is the current method in place (and sometimes a motivator for cheating). “The primary change here is simply the decoupling of achievements and unlockables, which is the source of most of the negative feedback we’ve received around previous class packs,” Walker said.

Finally, Walker also assured TF2 fans that more of the popular “Meet the Class” videos are on the way. “There’s still the Pyro, Medic, and Spy to go,” he said. “We’ve saved the best for last!”

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