The Greatest Rube Goldberg Chain Reaction Rock Video Ever Made


With dominoes, bowling balls, smashing TVs and paint guns, OK Go outdoes itself with the most elaborate chain reaction rock video ever created.

OK Go, a rock outfit originally from Chicago but now based in L.A., first gained notoriety in 2006 with the video for “Here It Goes Again.” That video featured the band members dancing around on treadmills and was performed live at the 2006 MTV Music Awards and parodied everywhere from The Simpsons to my basement. That video helped popularize the Youtube phenomenon and currently ranks 49th in the most viewed videos on that site.

OK Go kept up their creative video trend with several other songs including the wallpaper version of “Do What You Want” and an especially awesome marching band version of “This Too Shall Pass” which lifted my spirits every time I listened to it. There’s something great about watching the band prance around a field with a full marching band.

But with this chain reaction video for the same song, the band have topped themselves, with a little help from filmmakers James Frost and Syyn Labs. I love watching Rube Goldberg machines like this but the sheer scope of the chain reaction depicted in this video absolutely blows my mind.

For almost 4 minutes, my mouth hung open in awe and tears filled my eyes.

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