An all-female Hobbit shoot has envisioned the film’s main cast as a company of female adventurers.

While the lands of Middle-Earth clearly aren’t devoid of women (someone had to birth all those sword-wielding men), by-and-large the works of Tolkien tend to be a bit dude-centric. Granted, you have your Galadriel and your Eowyn, but they tend to be exceptions to the rule. It’s an arguable flaw that the film versions of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit both took steps to remedy. Even so, the fact remains that when hobbits go a-questing, they don’t seem to do it with women.

All of that said, Russian photographer Alexandr Turchanin recently shot a series of photos with the aim of giving women and Tolkien fans a glimpse into a gender-swapped version of The Hobbit that imagines Thorin’s company as a party of intrepid female adventurers. The results are pretty stunning, even if Turchanin neglected to give the lady-dwarves beards (which is totally a thing if you didn’t know).

Despite that error, we’ll let that slide on account of how spot-on many of these photos are. While a few of the models are perhaps a bit too young for their parts (here’s looking at you Gandalf), I’m pretty sure a female Bilbo would look pretty much exactly they way she’s pictured. Likewise for Lady Oakenshield who does a great job of emulating the male version’s persistently dour expression. What do you think? Does this gallery hit its mark, or would it be better off disappearing with the One Ring?

Source: The Mary Sue

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