As it turns out, Steve Jobs’ promise that the iPad would be “magical” wasn’t that far from the truth after all.

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad tablet, techies worldwide shrugged their shoulders with a collective “meh.” Jobs’ claims that the iPad was a “magical device” seemed far-fetched even from the outspoken Apple leader, and while the device sold well and legitimately earned its stripes, it hadn’t done anything to really earn that “magical” moniker. Was it convenient? Sure, but not magical.

Until now. The above video, posted by YouTube user SalaryMagician, shows a Japanese street magician by the name of Şhinya performing with his iPad outside of the well-trafficked Apple store in Ginza, Tokyo. It’s some pretty cool stuff, to be honest, and it shows how well a portable and yet reasonably powerful media device like the iPad can be utilized in performance art.

Even if all that’s going on is that the iPad is just displaying a pre-rendered video (and Şhinya’s timing is expertly rehearsed), it’s still cool. Maybe one might even call it … “magical,” perhaps?


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