The Last Express Arrives On Android, Headed For Adventure


It’s 20% off at launch, for a limited time.

It wasn’t that long ago that Jordan Mechner’s 1997 classic mystery title The Last Express came to iOS, where it was so favorably received that the development team decided to put out an Android version. That version’s here and, best of all for the budget conscious, it’s 20% off the asking price for a limited time, at launch. Do you think you know what happened to your friend Tyler Whitney? What about that manuscript, the one people seem prepared to kill for? Better get aboard the luxurious Orient Express any way you can, if you want to find out.

You play as Robert Cath, a young American lured aboard the Orient Express by his friend Tyler Whitney, who inconveniently turns up dead just when you need him most. The non linear story depends on you moving about and talking to the 30-odd (some very odd) people on board the train, and you’re on the clock, so get moving hero! What you do, or don’t do, will keep the story moving, but expect to fall a little in love with the remarkably smooth and beautiful animation, as you navigate a shadowy world of thieves, anarchists and killers, all travelling in luxury to Constantinople, and adventure.

This one’s $3.99 for the moment, and if you want a go, best head over here.

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