The HBO The Last of Us TV show will need more than one season to tell the Part II game story, so expect a season 2 and at least 3.

HBO’s The Last of Us series managed to tell the full story of the game it is based on when its season 1 finale aired last night, but that won’t be the case with adapting the sequel. While only season 2 of the HBO show has been confirmed so far, show co-creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann revealed in an interview with GQ that it will require “more than one season” to tell the full story of The Last of Us Part II — suggesting there are plans for at least a season 3.

When asked if the second season would span the entirety of The Last of Us Part II’s story, Mazin simply responded, “No. No way.” It’s not even a question for either of the project leads, with Druckmann adding, “It’s more than one season.” How many seasons exactly, however, is a mystery for now.

“Some of the stuff I’m most excited for [in Part 2] are the changes we’ve discussed and seeing the story come to life again in this other version,” Druckmann said. “And I think it’s exciting because it leans into those feelings you had from the game, really heavily, in a new way.”

The Last of Us Part II launched in 2020 as the long-awaited sequel to developer Naughty Dog’s iconic survival action game from 2013. The majority of its story takes place around five years after the events of the original, following Ellie as she embarks on a journey for revenge. It’s arguably darker than its predecessor, but it also happens to be much longer — so it’s no surprise to hear that the live-action HBO The Last of Us Part II adaptation will span multiple seasons. Those who have played the sequel have no doubt already started speculating about how its story will be split up. Sadly, we’ll have to wait to hear from Druckmann and Mazin to see just how the story will continue.

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