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The Lost Wild Shares a New Look at Its Dinosaur Survival Horror

The Lost Wild Finds Publisher in Annapurna Interactive in Tense Steam Trailer

Dinosaur survival horror game The Lost Wild has reemerged with a Steam trailer at the July 2022 Annapurna Interactive Showcase, revealing Annapurna as the game’s new publisher. This grounded and terrifying dinosaur game shines when it focuses on suspense, something today’s trailer makes sure to highlight. While it will certainly come with its fair share of peaceful stegosauruses and triceratops, it’s the raptors players will really want to keep an eye on. Watch The Lost Wild Steam trailer from developer Great Ape Games below.

Great Ape took to its Discord server to share some thoughts on its newfound relationship with Annapurna. A publisher’s support would no doubt impact any game’s development, but it sounds like the team went to great lengths to ensure it was joining with the company that fits best.

“This is huge, as it means that this game is really coming out – the game we’ve all been dreaming of,” Great Ape said. “We’re no longer in that camp of ‘will it/won’t it’ or ‘it’s yet another doomed dinosaur game.’ We’ve been very selective about who we team up with, and we feel we’ve partnered with the best in the biz. We’ve now got our best shot at making an incredible game with Annapurna by our side.”

Prior to the Annapurna publishing announcement, we last saw The Lost Wild when Great Ape published a pre-alpha teaser trailer that showed off the dinosaurs’ dynamic AI last year. That video was unfortunately short as well, but it offers even more footage of what seems to be a genuinely compelling world. In the game, players roam through dense jungles populated by abandoned research facilities. These forgotten areas are teeming with dinosaurs that clearly know the land better than you do, but this is exactly what makes The Lost Wild stand out from its competitors — that and the game’s great-looking visuals, of course.

Here’s a brief description of what to expect:

You are stranded in a violent primal world. Your survival depends on mastering its rhythms and anticipating its dangers. A mysterious voice on the radio seems to offer a glimmer of hope. With their help, make your way through the facilities and piece together the story of how this came to be.

The Lost Wild’s Steam page has it set to arrive on PC in 2024. It’s a long wait, but stay tuned for updates on a release date and additional details.

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