Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian making-of documentary on Disney+ with Jon Favreau

Disney+ is releasing a multi-part behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of The MandalorianToday, alongside a trailer for Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, the streamer announced a release date of May 4. May 4 is an annual day of Star Wars celebration because “May the 4th” sounds like “May the Force (be with you).” The series will have eight episodes, and judging from the trailer, it will give us a lot of Baby Yoda being adorable and some amazing directors talking about Star Wars together.

Normally, a making-of documentary gets shoved onto the physical release of a film and watched by about five people. But this is Disney and this is Star Wars and it’s the middle of a pandemic, which makes this Disney Gallery release feel like something a bit bigger. It helps that the series isn’t just a group of talking heads filmed during the making of the show, but round table discussions with the cast and crew after the fact.

The series will also help Star Wars fans wait out the gap between the finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the premiere of season 2 of The Mandalorian in October. The third season of the show is evidently already in the works, and given the success of the franchise on Disney+, Disney is moving full steam ahead with three other Star Wars series.


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