Delta Six’s Kickstarter brought you this gun case and orange barrel tip.

“It doesn’t get any more real than this,” says Delta Six’s Mission Statement, “the aim, the feel, the thrill.” The case, the orange barrel tip, and so on; all of which is due Christmas 2013, and can be pre-ordered now, if you’re feeling keen and want a $55 saving on the sticker price. Its Kickstarter did well – almost doubling its $100,000 crowdfunding goal – and current generation console gamers, as well as PC players, can enjoy their toy as soon as it launches. Next generation console functionality will be patched in at a later date.

If you’re wondering how it’s done, game play is simple enough. Tap the magazine to reload, and swing the stock to melee. If you lean your head down towards the scope, the screen zooms in on your target, and there’s real recoil, for those of you who just can’t stand that fake rubber-band-powered recoil a moment longer.

“As expected, the Delta Six is so realistic, it has become a lightning rod for delusional critics looking to place blame on mass murders,” says the Delta Six team, which sounds a bit like it’s trying too hard. But it doesn’t apologize for delivering the most realistic and immersive gun controller on the market, which is jolly decent of them. One might almost call it spiffing. There isn’t an exact shipping date; December, “just in time for the holidays,” is as far as Delta Six is prepared to go.

Source: Delta Six

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