The Most Ridiculous and Weird Starfield Mods

Are you looking to make your Starfield experience even stranger? There’s no Macho Man Randy Savage Terrormorph mod as yet, but there are several other mods that inject a dose of weirdness into Bethesda’s space-based RPG.

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Here are the strangest Starfield PC mods

Bethesda has plans to add officially-supported modding to Starfield so it’s possible that, in the near future, you’ll be able to install mods on both the PC and Xbox Series X|S. But for now, all these mods are PC only, available from Nexus Mods. Depending on your level of skill/confidence you can install them manually or use the Vortex Mod Manager.

You’ll also need a Nexus Mods account but you can create one for free. Be warned, it’s possible that these will interfere with the normal operation of your game or disable achievemens, but that’s a small price to pay for projecting Nicolas Cage’s face onto a wall.

Harbinger Voice Vasco

Who doesn’t love Vasco, your helpful bottom-kicking robot companion? You might feel different with this mod installed, which turns him — or his voice at least — into the Harbinger from Mass Effect. It’s every bit as disturbing as you might imagine, so I won’t blame you if you decide to leave him just hanging around the Lodge.  The last thing you want is someone yelling ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL when you’re in the middle of a firefight.

Get Vasco’s New Voice – Harbinger here.

Close Encounters of the Turd Kind

I have no idea how this particular mod sprang into its creator’s head but there’s no debating its strangeness. ‘Sharted Nightwear’ works exactly as described, giving your character an outfit that, viewed from third person, looks like you’ve had a particularly trying spaceflight.

Get Sharted Nightwear here.

Vasco the Tank Engine

Vasco from Starfield with a Thomas the Tank Engine paint job


Slightly less menacing than turning him into a Reaper, this mod gives your robot companion a Thomas the Tank Engine paint job, complete with a grinning Thomas face. You don’t get Thomas’s distinctive toots but we’re sure that someone somewhere is working on that.

Get Thomas the Tank Engine Vasco retexture here.

Hello Kitty Outfit

Oh, sure, Constellation is trying to unlock the secrets of the universe, but will all that artifact-collecting get you a Hello Kitty outfit? No, and that’s where this mod comes in.  You can stuff your exploration, I’m going to walk around New Atlantis in style. And if you want company, there’s a matching paint job for Vasco.

Get Hello Kitty outfits here.

Todd Howard Paintings

A Starfield painting with Todd Howard in it.


This mod replaces all the pictures in the Constellation Lodge with pictures of yes, you guessed it, game director Todd Howard. At least, it does for now. This mod is, according to its creator, going to be expanded to the point where any and all paintings in the entire galaxy are of Todd.

Get Todd Howard Painting Replacer here.

Potato Mode

Got an older PC but still want to run Starfield? Then this ridiculous-looking mod could be for you. It dials down the game’s textures so much that you should be able to get decent performance on your steam-powered machine. Just be prepared for some deeply, deeply uncanny encounters.

Get Potato Mode here.

Nicolas Cage Flashlight

This mod replaces the regular flashlight beam with the face of Nicolas Cage. Why? Why not. I just wish I had this when I was playing Silent Hill 2.

Get Nichols Cage Flashlight Mod here.

Starfield Storm Troopers

We wouldn’t quite go so far as to compare Starfield’s United Colonies to Star Wars‘ Empire, though there is a Starship Troopers air about them. This mod will replace the UC’s security forces with Imperial Stormtroopers. The bad news is they can still shoot straight.

Get Galactic Civil War Conversion here.

Red Dwarf Main Menu

Welcome… to Smegfield. If you’re playing Starfield for laughs, you can’t go wrong with this mod that replaces the menu background with the intro to British sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf. Sadly, the game’s character creator can’t handle Kryten’s angular head but we’re assuming Bethesda will sort that in the next patch.

Get Red Dwarf Main Menu here.

Kill Everyone

Unlike Fallout: New Vegas, Starfield won’t let you murder every single person in the galaxy. At least, it won’t unless you install this mod. Now you can slaughter all the essential NPCs you want though, naturally, you’ll be breaking quests with every bullet.

Get Killable Essential NPCs here.

Those are the most ridiculous and weird Starfield mods. There are plenty more to be found at NexusMods, with new ones arriving each day.

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