The Movie Critic Quentin Tarantino 10th final director movie late 1970s Los Angeles female lead

Over the years, film director Quentin Tarantino has reiterated his plans to direct 10 movies, total, end of story. Ten is a good, round number, and Tarantino likes the idea of leaving his audience “wanting more.” He has admitted he could change his mind later, but right now, 10 is the plan — and he’s already directed nine movies. And per THR, Quentin Tarantino is currently gearing up to film and direct his 10th and final movie this fall, titled The Movie Critic.

While official story details are not yet being provided, The Movie Critic reportedly has a female lead and is set in late 1970s Los Angeles. THR speculates the film may be about influential film critic / essayist / novelist Pauline Kael, who passed away in 2001. In any case, the movie does not have an attached studio yet, (That will change soon.) but Sony notably distributed Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Tarantino’s ninth movie, making it a front runner.

Whatever this film turns out to be, Quentin Tarantino wrote The Movie Critic, so this is very much his baby. It is not an adaptation like Jackie Brown. And even if this does turn out to be his final film, it doesn’t mean Tarantino is finished doing anything creative. As THR notes, he has previously expressed interest in directing limited series and plays, and he wrote a novelization of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in 2021.

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