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The Halo franchise is a phenomenon. Whether it is the latest video game or a new television show, the series is a part of our current cultural zeitgeist. But when one thinks of the first-person shooter, the mind often does not wander to food. That is all about to change with Halo: The Official Cookbook. Very clearly not an April Fools’ joke, the book from publisher Insight Editions promises culinary delights inspired by the game’s universe. It is available for preorder now and releases August 16.

Here’s the official announcement via Twitter:

Preorders for Halo: The Official Cookbook are up at Amazon. Interested readers can get a Kindle copy for $13.99 or spring for the hardcover for $39.99. How exactly Halo translates to food, however, I have no idea. Maybe there will be things like Spartan Tacos? Or Covenant Sandwiches? What would make up the ingredients for each dish?!

Author Victoria Rosenthal has been at this genre before. She’s created cookbooks based on Final Fantasy XIV and Street Fighter. If those are anything to go by, we can expect inventive names or puns for the various cuisines, as well as fan fiction where she inserts herself into the game’s universe. I can’t wait to see her chatting it up with Master Chief while eating a Warthog Burger or something. Anything to distract from the horrifying conflict of war between humans and aliens.

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