An upcoming patch for Star Wars: The Old Republic will add new content, fix a few bugs and enable anti-aliasing.

Like a lot of you, I was bit put out when I fired up my copy of The Old Republic only to find I’d have to do some surreptitious .ini editing to enable anti-aliasing. Let’s be honest: TOR isn’t the prettiest of games to begin with, and its meagre visuals aren’t improved by jagged edges that give the impression you’re watching the game from the other side of a wire fence. Fortunately the next patch, which was released onto the unsuspecting denizens of the public test server earlier today, enables anti-aliasing via the in-game menu.

PVP has been adjusted, as well. Level 50 players now get their own, exclusive, warzone bracket. Fear not, however, level 49 players will still be available to murder you horribly.

The patch also addresses a few niggling issues with the games companions. Companion droids will no longer spout the same line of dialogue every two or three seconds during combat, they’ll sell your stuff when you tell them to and the visual effects from their healing abilities are no longer permanent.

The patch notes can be found here. Now all we need is fix for the minuscule Jedi-pixies that seem to have infested Tython.

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