After six years of development that began eight years after its platform stopped being manufactured, Mad Bodies will be released on the Atari Jaguar this year.

Remember the Atari Jaguar? One of those systems best left forgotten, like the Virtual Boy or the Sega 32X. Most of us only remember it as a joke, but these days you’ll find people who are devoted to any consumer relic of times gone by, and the Jaguar is no different. Take the fine folks of FORCE Design, for instance. They’ve been working on a Jaguar game for six years now, and, now, finally, it’s ready for the world.

It’s called Mad Bodies, and it’s a cross between a top down shoot-em-up and Breakout (you know, that arcade game where you bounce a ball to break down walls, like vertical Pong). Mad Bodies, FORCE Design writes, “will always get some bodies mad. It wouldn’t be Mad Bodies if nobodies get mad!!”

These guys have been working on a Jaguar game for more than half a decade. You shouldn’t be surprised that they’re a little bit crazy.

The premise for the game’s just as incomprehensible. A new evil is threatening the safety of the galaxy, and it’s up to heroes like ETHunter, Thunderbird and uh, Wes, to stop Graphics Man from destroying the world. How to stop said Graphics Man? Why “enter the Dark Knight Games tournment co-hosted by Dave Vaporware,” of course.

Mad Bodies features 10 stages, “excellent sfx” and “cool bosses.” Pre-ordering the game will cost you $80, plus shipping. Check it out in action here.


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