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Giant Squid, the developer behind Abzu, has announced at the PlayStation.Blog that its latest game, The Pathless, will launch on Nov. 12 for PlayStation 4 and as a PlayStation 5 launch title. It is being published by Annapurna Interactive. On PlayStation 5, the game performs at 60 FPS and will take advantage of the system’s DualSense controller, enabling haptic trigger effects when shooting arrows.

There is no map, so it’s important for players to note every building and landmark to find their way throughout the world Giant Squid has crafted. The story follows a person named the Hunter, who searches the land in order to find a way to lift its curse.

Along the way, she is joined by her trusty eagle companion, which can carry her throughout the world. The Hunter can also use her Spirit Vision to seek out landmarks and remind the player where they’ve already been.

Cursed spirits will attempt to separate the Hunter from her eagle, and so it’s up to the player to utilize stealth and their skills to vanquish them. Only when the Hunter returns light to the obelisks that are stationed in the world will the cursed spirits be weak enough to take on in combat.

The Pathless launches on Nov. 12 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as well as Apple Arcade and PC via Epic Games Store.

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