The Phantom Pain Revealed at Video Game Awards


The debut game from Moby Dick Studio is creepy, violent, and mysterious.

The first video game announcement to come out of this evening’s Video Game Awards isn’t a sequel; it’s a new title from the Swedish developer Moby Dick Studio called The Phantom Pain. The trailer begins in a hospital, where the player, in first person, awakens from a coma, and things quickly get weird from there.

The early part of the video, with the eerie figures creeping around the hospital, is reminiscent of Silent Hill, but before long people are getting shot, things are on fire, and all hell breaks loose. “Have I gone to hell?” the voiceover asks.

That’s about the extent of what was revealed about The Phantom Pain tonight; there was no news about platforms or a release window. This will be the first game from Moby Dick Studio, so it’s hard to know what to expect; presumably, there will be more news about The Phantom Pain in the coming months.

Or maybe this is an elaborate tease for the next Metal Gear game. We’ll keep you posted.

Image source: Polygon

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